Ryan Bishop

* Relocating to US in 2018 *

Web Project Manager, Full-Stack LAMP Dev, Front-End Dev, Consultant, Salesman, Online Marketer

Self-motivated web developer with a deep understanding of the front-end development stack. Skilled in business management and online marketing, with proven excellence in pitching and closing sales, managing projects and over-delivering results.


LAMP Developer & Web Consultant – PKS Consulting

Jan 2003 - Current

PKS Consulting is a small group of senior developers providing media project consulting, web design, programming, site management, Intranets, e-commerce, server administration, hosting, email campaigns, and Social marketing. We've made millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

Technology Manager – Brio Advrtising

Mar 2001 - Jan 2003

Responsible for purchasing and implementing all technology related equipment, including servers, PCs, telephones, and printers. Also managed web design projects for the agency and from time to time stood in as Project Manager when one was missing. Built an intranet to help manage projects too. Nicknamed “Samurai” by company President for the ability to evaluate and solve any problem.

Web Developer – Crain Communications

Jan 2000 - Mar 2001

Primary role was helping to establish and build an in-house web development team to help reduce $10+ million a year in outsourced web development spending. Helped grow the team to 15 employees, including an online advertising team, and reduced spending by approximately 8 million a year.


featured projects

(2017) This SaaS project was built as an experiment to test the capabilities and flexibility of my media-based CMS, video transcoder and cloud network. During this project, I learned about growth hacking and practiced rapid development. The system itself was built by me in 2 weeks and the first active users joined a couple days after launch. This hobby project is still growing organically and requires very little development or maintenance.

(2015-2016) Exclusive early developer of high-volume websites on the proprietary Vodacom SA web portal in proprietary (invented) PML language, and later in HTML5, resulting in millions of hits and 1000+ sales per day.

(2014) Designed, built and maintained a merchant account integrated billing system processing thousands of USD per day.

(2005-2007) Converted telesales business into e-commerce site, integrating legacy sales and fulfillment systems, resulting in an additional $2 million per year in revenue.

PKS Consulting develops content management and e-commerce solutions for clients interested in distribution and monetization of their media library. We are a group of independent senior level developers, growth hackers and marketers working from exotic locations all over the world. We are available for interesting media projects of any size. PKS Consulting was founded in the USA in 2003.

My Workstation
A colleague asked me what a 6-monitor workstation looks like and how I use it. My office isn't the cleanest, but its high efficiency.

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